Knock Knock

I was reading one of my favorite blogs this morning (Brandiandboys) and she mentioned her survival tactic of list writing. She also featured a new notepad she recently purchased. After this I began to think about how much I would not be able to survive (with sanity at least) without pen and paper. I am a list maker through and through. As I've been getting ready for the baby I've been list writing like crazy! There have been lists and lists to amend the original lists and the cycle goes on and on! I may have a problem. In the midst of increased technology, you'd think I'd be all about getting some type of palm or pc system that would make all of this writing more efficient, but I simply cannot let go of the act of writing onto paper. I actually find joy in crossing things off with a thick, dark line and then tossing the paper when it's completed. So, with that in mind, I would like to mention one fun website for my fellow list writers: www.knockknock.biz. This site is stocked full of different forms of notepads, check lists and more, all with a cool, retro feel. Happy list writing and organization to one and all!

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