Date #1-Skyline

Brian has made a resolution this year to go on 52 dates in 52 weeks. This is a pretty ambitious resolution considering the fact that we will be having a brand new baby within the next 6 weeks. He's determined, despite the creativity it may require, and since he's my favorite person to be with, I'm thrilled. So, with that, we went on our first real date of the year! We enjoyed a slow and lazy morning and then, with google maps in hand, started off on our date. We spent the first part going to a few furniture stores. This may not sound very romantic, but we had received a gift from "The Grandmas" that has given us the ability to actually buy a few things (all of our current furniture is either hand me down or from craigslist) and considering my love for creating a cozy atmosphere at home, this was a perfect way to start. It actually paid off in the end because we scored an awesome deal on an area rug at Crate and Barrel (over 75% off!!). The next part of our date was probably the best. Brian likes to find remote, unique or unknown places to eat and he definitely did that this time! Knowing my love for a good burger and fry, he researched for the "best burger and fries" place in town. This lead us to a teeny tiny burger joint named Skyline Restaurant that was literally in the most random, remote place in the west hills. There was one waiter/cashier/host who looked and sounded like the guy in Rocketman and only about 5 booths. 50's memorabilia and kid's drawings were the decor. Although we had laughed as we drove up because the building was in sad shape, the food inside was awesome! (See Brian's blog for pics) We ended our date with a movie and are now enjoying some chill time at home. It was a great day. I'm so thankful for a loving husband and the best friend ever!

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