It's December 31.  It's been exactly 9 months, 1 week and 2 days since I last posted here.  I could talk about why, but I'm not sure even I know.  Instead, in true New Year's Eve tradition let's reminisce about 2011 and hopefully catch you all up.

2011 can truly be described by the word NEW.  Here are some of the new things that have come our way...

In January we set out on a new adventure and left our church of 13 years to start a new one
In February we began the hopecity Church and began the new role of Senior pastor
In March we began new small groups and saw God do amazing new things
In April we received an ultimate surprise and found out we were having a new baby
In May we worked hard at building new community and began new friendships
In June we held our first hopecity baptisms and celebrated new life
In July we were doing something new on the 4th instead of selling fireworks (trust me this was exciting)
In August we wrapped up Brian's busy speaking schedule that included new places, even Wisconsin
In September we sold our old house and began to look for a new one
In October we moved into a new house in a new neighborhood
In November we had a new baby girl, Eva Genevieve

In December we began a new tradition and fed over 300 community people at hopecity's Christmas Eve-Eve service

Needless to say, it's been a busy, fast-flying, full of new things kind of year.  2011 has been like nothing we could have imagined.  God has been intensely good and we are overwhelmingly grateful.  I am more excited for 2012 than I have ever been for a new year.  

Happy New Year!

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elizabeth said...

I kind of got breathless reading this...it has been a busy and exciting year and I'm so, so grateful for what God has done!